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Relationship Issues

It would be naive to think that relationship issues will not impact us. But if you can identify the signs ahead of time you will have a better chance to defeat them.

We spend our days relating to others at home, school, work and in our communities. We relate to our spouses, partners, children, parents, colleagues and bosses. When we find that these relationships have become a source of stress, anxiety and depression can result. Therapy, individually, with a partner or an entire family can help us learn to identify our needs and means to have them met in the relationships we value.

Facts about Relationship Issues

From the Dr. Alice Boyes:

  • 30% of men are less comfortable with casual sex than the average woman.
  • Women break up with men more often than the other way around.
  • There’s no one relationship communication/conflict management style that’s best for relationships.
  • Given the choice, most people would not choose a partner who is a perfect 10/10 in all areas (i.e. great personality, great looks, lots of money). Why? Because people tend to shoot for mates that have a similar “mate value” to their own. If they’re a 7 out of 10, they tend to shoot for someone who is a 7 or 8.
  • Even in good relationships, 70% of relationship problems never get solved. Most relationship issues are the kind that need to be worked around rather than solved.
  • Women commit as many acts of relationship violence as men do. Although, not surprisingly, men inflict serious harm more often (because of their larger avg. size/physical power).

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Possible Causes of Relationship Issues

According to the Mind Body Green:

  • Your partner is making you feel angry or disappointed.
  • You and your partner disagree about “big things” (career, money, health).
  • You both want two different things, but don’t want to compromise.

Symptoms of Relationship Issues

Based on WebMD:

  • lack of communication
  • an absence of sex
  • money argument
  • struggles over home chores
  • not making a relationship a priority
  • frequent arguments
  • lack of trust
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