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Margaret Morrison, PHD, LP

About Margaret Morrison

Dr. Morrison has 43 years of clinical experience in a broad range of fields, in both direct service and administrative positions. Her experience and skills include supervision, training, group facilitation, curriculum development, organizing conference, counseling, advocacy, multicultural work, research; education of social workers and nurses; expertise in the fields of sexual abuse and domestic violence; and teaching a variety of workshops and courses.

As a psychologist I see myself as a facilitator and guide during treatment sessions. Together with the client we identify issues that need to be resolved. We will use humor, positive reframing and compassion to challenge the thinking patterns that interfere with functioning effectively in current life circumstances. It is expected that the skills developed during our meetings will be tested in the “real world” and the results will be reviewed together to identify any areas needing change.

Everyone needs a direction, once in a while.


Certificate of Qualification in Social Work (MSW) Brunel University, London. 1982

Masters of Arts in Counselor Education, University of Southern Maine, Maine. 1992

Masters of Science in Psychology, Fielding University, CA. 1999
PhD. In Clinical Psychology, Fielding University, CA. 2001


Anxiety Disorder
Blended/Stepfamily Issues
Domestic Violence
Gender Transition
Life Transitions
Men’s Issues
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Relationship Issues
Sexual Abuse
Sexual Orientation Issues (Gay/Lesbian)
Stress Management
Substance Abuse
Women’s Issues






Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy
Motivational Interviewing
Re-decision Therapy,
Solution-focused Therapy

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Our providers are diverse and in keeping with our vision this allows for choice. We merge personal background and experience, education, creativity, and passion into a professional vision: commitment to diversity in both theory and practice. We make every effort to assign clinicians with respect to a client’s and/or family’s therapeutic and cultural needs.

Think of us as your cheerleaders on the sidelines. You've seen it, the smile, the simple nod of the head. Small gestures that say: we understand, we are listening and we are here for you. That's who we are.