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Interpersonal Therapy

Depression and relationship quality are closely related. A depressed mood may interfere with functioning within and enjoying relationships. Interpersonal therapy focuses on this mood and relationship interaction. Therapists work with their clients to improve relationship skills, role adjustment and communications. The goal of this work is to improve mood through accessing the life enhancing power of relationships.


If you have been struggling with depression, interpersonal therapy is a common practice that’s been shown over time to improve the quality of life of several individuals. Therapy can improve so many different areas of your life. Our relationships through life are what keep us grounded, but sometimes it seems that they are what bring us down. When our relationships suffer, we tend to suffer as individuals as well.

What If I’ve Already Tried Interpersonal Therapy?

Perhaps you’re one of the many who have tried interpersonal therapy in the past, and are concerned that it might not be for you. We urge you to give it another try. A great number of those who have benefited form interpersonal therapy have been through it more than once. At Choices, we use a variety of techniques best suited for you to get you back on track.


As every day we cultivate new relationships, we should be working just as often to nurture these relationships. Each new person we encounter offers a new opportunity to better our lives and ourselves. At Choices, we can show you how.

How Can Interpersonal Therapy Help Me?

Regardless of what instigated your depression, Choices is experienced in working to move forward from many of the setbacks life hands you. Whether a life-long struggle is now becoming too much to handle, or a sudden incident has you feeling like you’re losing control, Choices has helped countless individuals to move forward and get to a peaceful state of mind.


The experts at Choices have found that enhancing the positive qualities in relationships makes a world of difference to the individual. Whether you seek improvement in familial, friendship, or co-worker relationships, building your connection with a single person can turn your whole life around, and teach you skills that you’ll use forever.