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One of the most difficult things for people to deal with is when sex does not work “right.” This is often because there are so many expectations about how sex is supposed to be.  The fact that it is so hard to talk about sexual dysfunction only makes these challenges worse.  What many people struggle with is that their sexual bodies respond in vastly different ways in different situations over the course of their lives. At times, this can even be physically painful.  Because of this, it is common for our bodies not to respond in the ways we want or expect them to.

Because sexuality is such a taboo topic, most people feel like they are alone in struggling with this. The sex therapists at Choices recognize that sexual problems are complex, and deeply connected to intimate relationships. The problem is often psychological, a problem in the relationship, and sometimes even biological.  Sometimes it’s all 3!  At Choices, we integrate sex therapy into relationship therapy to work with these complexities, and we often collaborate with medical professionals when treating sexual dysfunctions.

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