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Bariatrics/Weight Management

Bariatric surgery is a significant event on a weight-loss journey. We like to think about it as a new beginning. No operation, diet, or medication by itself can offer a permanent cure for obesity. Healthy lifestyle choices can provide excellent long-term results for your health and quality of life after surgery.

Access to an experienced mental health professional and nutritionist can be an essential part of your postoperative recovery.

About Bariatrics/Weight Management

After the surgery, one of the significant adjustments happens in how we think about ourselves and how others think of us. You should be prepared for “challenges” that might come along, whether it’s interpersonal conflict, spousal stress, medical complication, or a plateau in weight-loss.

Emotions like stress, boredom, mindless eating can affect our eating habits. If you find yourself stress eating or eating when you are not hungry, we are here to help. Following healthy nutrition guidelines after weight loss is essential for long-term success and weight maintenance. Accountability and knowing that someone will be regularly checking in with us makes us more likely to engage in better eating habits.

Your mind is your prison when you focus on your fear.
Rediscover your health and well being. Make positive changes that will last.

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