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What to expect at your first visit

You’re about to have your first therapy session with a Choices therapist. And you’re nervous. You’re worried, too. Worried that you’ll sound silly. Worried that your problems aren’t that big of a deal. You can stop worrying. Our therapists are experienced professionals, dedicated to providing a confidential and safe place for you to explore the challenges you are facing, as well as to assist you in discovering your strengths and solutions.


At Choices, our priority is you. We will do everything possible to make your first appointment stress-free and comfortable, so our website includes information to help you prepare ahead of time. When you call to make your first appointment, we will send you some forms electronically and ask that you complete them before you come in for the first time. This initial information is necessary to help your therapist get to know your concerns, history and goals for therapy. Your therapist will read the forms you have completed to get a good understanding of your issues and what you hope to achieve.


In your first session, your therapist will get to know you face-to-face and go over what will happen during therapy. Your therapist will explain your privacy rights and limitations under the law. Additional information about your privacy rights can be found on the U.S. Government Health & Human Services website. Your therapist may ask you about your physical and emotional health history. And that’s good, because, after the initial introductions, the conversation will be all about you. It’s your session, so the more you are prepared to talk about why you’re there, your goals, and what matters to you, the faster you and your Choices therapist can build a trusting relationship. And remember, you set the pace when it comes to telling your story.


The first session is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have, like what comes next for me, how long will I be in therapy, can I bring family members to my appointments and anything else you can think of.


We know how much courage it takes to reach out and ask for help and we appreciate you selecting Choices. We welcome you and are ready to make your Choices experience a valuable and hope-filled time of discovery and renewal.

Cancellation/No Show Policies



THERAPY: If the 2-business day cancellation requirement is not met, a $75 “Late-Cancel” fee will be assessed. If a client is able to reschedule the missed appointment within the same week, fees will not be assessed. “No-Shows” will result in a $100.00 fee and all future appointments may be cancelled.

If two therapy appointments are missed, either by “Late Cancellation” or “No-Show”, all future appointments may be cancelled. If recurring appointments are cancelled, it is the client’s responsibility to make contact with their therapist, and to present a plan to reestablish services, which initially may be done on a “same-day” appointment basis, per the availability of the therapist and clinical necessity. Termination of services may also be considered by the therapist.

PSYCHIATRY: If the 2-business day cancellation requirement is not met, a $100.00 fee will be assessed. It may also result in no future appointments being scheduled. “No-Shows” will result in a $200.00 fee and all future appointments may be cancelled.

Consideration to be rescheduled for No-Shows will require a patient letter be written to the Psychiatrist, requesting reinstatement of services. A No-Show fee will also be collected.

All assessed late cancel or no-show fees will be collected AT CHECK-IN prior to next encounter with provider, OR with payment of invoiced monthly statement, WHICHEVER COMES FIRST.

Insurance companies do not pay for missed appointments. Failure to attend scheduled appointments may result in all future appointments being cancelled. Instances of this fee being waived require a providers recommendation due to client extenuating circumstances and administrative approval.