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Sex Therapy in Edina

Whether you’re in a relationship or seeking therapy as an individual, Choices Psychotherapy can help those throughout Edina achieve a healthier, happier sex life. You may be experiencing intimacy issues or sexual pain, or you may simply be seeking to add some zest to your sex life—whatever the reason, Choices can help you or your partners through effective therapy.


Sex therapy is a method of talk-therapy: This technique aims to resolve problems through the power of effective and constructive conversations. Choices is one of the only clinics offering sex therapy to those living in Edina, and we are committed to getting to know you through our thorough intake process.

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Who Can See a Sex Therapist?

Sex therapy isn’t just for couples or those struggling with intimacy. It can be for anyone. This type of therapy can help build, repair or enhance sexual relationships for individuals, couples, those in monogamous relationships and those who aren’t.


At Choices we understand that not everyone is comfortable with talking about sex and intimacy. We won’t rush you into talking about things you aren’t ready to talk about. Each session is completely tailored to you and your level of comfort. Our completely judgment-free environment will set you at ease.

How Does Sex Therapy Work?

Since sex therapy isn’t widely available in Edina, clients may be unfamiliar with what steps are taken throughout the course of therapy. Because its a talk-therapy, clients won’t always be talking about sex or intimacy. Often, concerns about these topics stem from underlying issues. Anxiety, depression, stress or aging are some things that can hold you back from sexual health.


Whether you’re seeking therapy by yourself or with your partner (or partners), you’ll be pleased with how much opening up communication about sexual intimacy and relationships can improve your sexual satisfaction. Not only can your sex life improve, but also your non-sex life. Learning how to have effective conversations with those in your life to can lead to better communication about anything—quelling pent-up anger or reducing passive-aggressive communication.


Each session could include some homework. This homework could include self-directed techniques that better teach you and your partner how to communicate, how to change the focus of a conversation, educational aspects of sex or how to alter interactions. These homework exercises could help you feel comfortable and more knowledgeable about yourself, your relationships and your sexual intimacy.


The number of sessions for this type of therapy is usually limited, but it ultimately depends on the client. Some may be experiencing larger underlying hurdles while some clients simply wanted a quick boost to their sexual relationships through only a few sessions. We can help uncover your concerns, mediate good discussion and help you grow confident in your intimacy by yourself or with others.

What Would You Need to See a Sex Therapist For?

Like many therapies, there isn’t just one reason you would or wouldn’t benefit from counseling. You may be having trouble with one of the causes named before—anxiety, depression, age, stress—or you might find yourself having to work through or enhance other sexual events, including:

  • Intimacy issues: This could include a loss of intimacy, fear of intimacy or an inability to have intimacy exposed in a relationship
  • Sexual pain: Sex that is physically painful and needs to be negotiated
  • Infidelity: We can help you work through and beyond a current or past relationship that included unfaithful partners
  • Polyamory: Being in love with or sexually involved with more than one other person
  • Sexual Trauma: Those who have had emotionally traumatizing sexual experiences in the past
  • Sexual identity: How you think of yourself as a sexual being
  • Sexual orientation: Your sexual identity in terms of which gender you’re attracted to
  • Gender identity: How you think of your own gender
  • Alternative Sexual expression: Fetishes, kink, BDSM, etc.


There are endless reasons you could benefit from sex therapy. You may just want to deepen and expand the relationship you currently have: Sex therapy is a great way to grow together and further understand one another. Examining your relationship can help alleviate difficult feelings, especially around sex.

Choices Psychotherapy Is Preferred for Sex Therapy

Offering sex therapy as one of our counseling services since 2013, we’ve been able to help clients from Edina with many questions or issues they may have with intimacy and relationships. We can help you achieve sexual confidence and positivity though our effective methods and talk-therapy. To find out how to get started with sex therapy, contact us today.