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Family Therapists in Minnetonka

Whether your family is big or small, close in proximity or sprawling, it is undoubtedly unique. Family dynamics change from one house to the next, and what conflicts may arise in your house may not be what other families experience. No matter the subject or scope of conflicts within your family, the therapists at Choices Psychotherapy can help you navigate through them to build a stronger, healthier and happier family.

Our family therapy sessions can help your family through easy times and tough periods—even if your family isn’t experiencing conflict or trauma, family therapy can open the pathways of communication from member to member. Learn how our therapists can fortify, build or mend the relationships within your family. Our therapists take the time to get to know and build trust with families. Contact us to get started: We’re waiting to help Minnetonka families just like yours.

What Is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is talk therapy meant for familial relationships. Sometimes your family as a whole can endure a lot of stress and pressures: the loss of a loved one, moving, problems in school, problems at work, etc. Many outside forces can impact on your family and cause unspoken distress between one another. Other times, there may be challenges that one member of your family is experiencing and it would be beneficial if everyone worked together to get through it: substance abuse or eating disorders.

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Anyone can participate in family therapy. It’s encouraged that all members come to therapy sessions, but those who don’t want to take part don’t have to. When everyone participates, though, more voices can be heard, opinions can be shared, and communication can be strengthened. Our therapists can help your family learn how to effectively share concerns, offer ideas, and come to resolutions when differences or conflicts arise.

Helping Minnetonka Families Now

By actively listening and offering helpful words or insights, no one in the family will feel overlooked or unheard, which happens all too often in any size family. If problems don’t currently exist within your family, Choices can help teach you to communicate better with one another so that when issues do arise, everyone will know how to best voice their concerns or hear criticism.


Some techniques Choices family therapists use include:

  • Behavior Modification
  • Psychoeducation
  • Skills for how to manage conflicts
  • Communication skills


Parents of a family might not be getting along, sibling relationships might be struggling, and/or school/behavioral issues might be rearing their ugly heads. Whatever the cause of turmoil within your family, Choices Psychotherapy can help Minnetonka families right now.


The skills learned in these sessions won’t just help familial connections and bonds, but can translate into other parts of your family’s life, too. Don’t just learn to how to communicate better within your family, but also with the sources causing you interference outside of your family. Learn how to speak better with coworkers or classmates or get insight into how to actively listen and understand before reacting.


With each member of your family constantly growing and developing unique and varied personalities, conflicts are sure to arise once in a while. Family therapy is based on the concepts that:

1) Another family member or the family structure as a whole may be affected by any type of change with just a single member,

2) If one member of a family is suffering from or causing problems that ripple throughout the whole family, that is often a sign of a larger problem


These concepts further encourage the participation of all family members, as treating just one is like treating a single symptom of a broader disease. Our family therapists are well-trained and experienced in finding the source of internal family strife. If you live in or near Minnetonka, let Choices help open your lines of communication, enhance familial bonds and resolve your family issues.

Help Your Family with Choices Psychotherapy

Our priority is you and your family. We are rare in the fact that we don’t try to shuffle you in and out of our office. Instead, we pride ourselves in building trusting and valuable relationships with all of our clients. You’ll always be heard when you’re with us. The typical therapy session will last 50-60 minutes, but all of our initial sessions last an hour or more so we can fully understand your concerns, your situation and your goals for family therapy.


The number of sessions for families seeking therapy ranges anywhere from five to 20, however, it depends on what your unique family needs are. Families can end therapy at any time they want, but it is usually a decision made when both the therapist and client determine that the goals established at the onset of therapy have been achieved.


Could family therapy help you? Contact us today. If you live in Minnetonka, Golden Valley, Minneapolis or surrounding communities, our office is a convenient place to seek help for you and your family now. Avoid further breakdowns within your family or simply learn how to better talk with one another—no matter what, you can experience stronger family relationships with our help.