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Choices Psychotherapy Serving Minnetonka Families

Life can be hectic. Every day seems to bring its own edition of stressors, problems, celebrations and preparations. There is always something to do and someone to help, whether it is your friends, parents or your own family. In the midst of the hustle, you may forget to take time for you. That’s why Choices Psychotherapy can serve those in Minnetonka, Minnesota, with the necessary therapy to maintain stability, strengthen relationships, resolve problems and live a happy, healthy life.


Seeking therapy isn’t just for those who are experiencing a mental disorder or traumatic event. In reality, everyone can benefit from therapy—whether it be just a handful or ongoing consistent sessions. Our therapists are well trained in helping clients learn how to alleviate stress or keep relationships alive when life’s events overcrowd your personal space.

A multi-generational family sitting on a couch, smiling and interacting with each other. From left to right, an elderly man, a young girl, a young woman, a baby, a young man, and an elderly woman. Their joy reflects the benefits of mental health services like Choices Psychotherapy.

Choices’ Preferred Approach when working with Families

Family therapy is a preferred technique for many reasons. Whether you have a small or extensive family, it acts as its own social system. It’s bound to have its own ever-changing dynamics within it. People are constantly growing, changing and evolving—especially children and teenagers.


Choices’ family therapy is an invaluable opportunity for Minnetonka families to meet in a safe, serene space. Our therapists take the time to get to know each unique and diverse family group through a thorough intake process, and they always tailor their plans of action to each individual family.


Whether you feel like your family needs the time and space to connect with one another through family therapy or there are dramatic changes happening, Choices is the solution for helping your family on a path to healthy tranquility. Your family is affected not only by its core members, but also by people outside of the immediate family: uncles, aunts, grandparents, friends and even coworkers.


We can help provide you with the tools and techniques to navigate through difficult times and discussions within your family. Learn how to calmly approach sensitive subjects or cope with difficult situations.

Family Therapy for Minnetonka Families

A lot of people and events can have an affect on how your family operates. Each individual is like a cog in a machine. It doesn’t take much to disrupt how smoothly a cog functions or not. Family therapy is a way to discover and resolve issues or feelings that have been stuffed away. By creating an environment where open or guided communication is encouraged, potential resentment or “acting out” can be nipped in the bud.


Above all, family therapy is a way for each family member to feel heard, valued and closer to the others. If your family is experiencing particularly difficult events such as a loss or severe mental illness, the path to a happy, healthy family might seem like too big of a struggle. But with the help and guidance of our highly experienced therapists, Choices Psychotherapy of Minnetonka can make that goal a reality.


Our family therapy sessions last as long as our clients’ needs deem appropriate, however each initial appointment lasts at least an hour so we can get to know you and your family better. Similar to many other psychotherapy practices throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul, Choices is invested in the health and happiness of each of our clients.

De-stress and Find Peace

Whether you live in Minnetonka or a surrounding Minneapolis suburb, our family therapists are ready to help you. Anyone can come to family therapy sessions—all family members or only those who wish to participate. It’s up to you, but keep in mind that this therapeutic approach is here to build, strengthen or rejuvenate relationships between all family members.


A hectic life full of careers, schoolwork, sports or clubs can make feeling connected with one another hard to come by. Family therapy sessions can provide a set time and date for your family to “tune out” of the outside world and “tune in” to what matters most—family.


Family therapy sessions can last as long as your family wants them to. There is no “right” number of sessions as that changes per each family’s needs. We can help one member of a family who is struggling with mental illness or experiencing behavioral issues at school or with peers, or our therpists can help struggling relationships between two or more members.

Take the Next Steps Today

Come in, call or contact us online to see if family therapy is exactly what you’ve been looking for. If your family is enduring strained and difficult times, or if you simply want to learn how to openly and effectively communicate with one another, Choices Psychotherapy may be able to help you.