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Your Spouse Walked Out… Now What?

No warnings – your spouse walked out on you. Now, you just remembered the happiest day of your life. Your wedding: you exchanged rings and vowed to a person you loved in front of every important person in your life; you never dreamt of the day that the very same person would walk out on you. When your spouse walked out on you, your whole world can seem in an outburst.

While you just lost a friend, a confidant, your security and your future, there can be hope!

According to the WF Lawyers:

Every 13 seconds there is a divorce in the US.

While this fact may not make you feel better, you might rest assured that there are other people out there that feel the same way you do and are going through the same range of feelings and emotions that you are.
The decisions that you will be forced to make in the coming weeks can be some of the most important decisions you will make through this whole unfortunate process.

To help you, below we have listed 5 tips to help you get through the first few days after your spouse walked out.

1. Get those locks changed.

Your ex will know that he is no longer welcome to come and go as he pleases. This space is now your own. The other positive of changing all the locks is that he will be unable to enter your home whenever he wishes, rooting through anything that you might have. The act of “locking” the spouse who walked out of your life can help set boundaries around you.

2. Give some time to your emotions.

Everyone going through a similar situation has different reactions. Some people get angry while others cry, some spend hours reading or watching TV to escape their current situation, some people want to talk endlessly about what is happening to them while others just want to leave it alone. There is no right or wrong way to deal with this process.

3. Learn who you are without him or her.

Now that your spouse walked out on you, you are free to be truly yourself. Through every relationship, there are healthy compromises to make.

4. Take time for YOU.

Eat and sleep well, go to the gym, or even meet up with friends. Consider taking a day at the spa and treating yourself to an array of massages and treatments. If you start feeling overwhelmed with the weight on your shoulders, it is okay to reach out to a professional for help.

5. Take a look at the positive side of life.

Think of all the positives that may come out of this experience. You are no longer tied to someone and their flaws. Try making a list of everything that you are grateful for.

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