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Community Resources for Wayzata High School

& Choices Psychotherapy

Choices Psychotherapy offers a range of valuable resources and support systems specifically tailored to assist high school students in managing their mental health. With our dedicated providers, we provide a safe and confidential space where students can explore their emotions, tackle challenges, and develop coping strategies. Our psychiatrists & therapists specialize in addressing the unique pressures and stressors that high school students face, including academic stress, peer relationships, family dynamics, and personal identity.

By fostering a supportive environment, we aim to empower students to navigate these formative years with resilience and confidence. Through personalized sessions, we assist students in building essential life skills, enhancing emotional regulation, improving communication, and fostering healthy coping mechanisms. At Choices Psychotherapy, we are committed to promoting the mental well-being of high school students by providing them with the resources and guidance necessary to navigate this crucial phase of their lives.

Young Adult DBT Program for 18 – 26 + mature 17 year olds

Older teenagers and early 20 somethings are expected to know how to succeed in the adult world with little to no support outside families (some families are too stressed themselves to provide ongoing support for young adults).

This accelerated DBT program provides much-needed skills young adults need to navigate the many stressors they face in the adult world. We teach skills that will help young adults regulate emotions, deal with difficult people, clarify values, assure that their life goals reflect their desired values, and mindfully flow through circumstances thrown at them with the label “adult.”

Join us in prioritizing mental well-being for all high school students!

Whether they are feeling overwhelmed with school pressures or seeking guidance in navigating life’s challenges, Choices Psychotherapy is here to support them. Take the first step towards a healthier and happier high school experience for all. Contact us today to explore our tailored counseling sessions designed to empower your students with the tools needed to thrive in school and beyond. Their mental health matters, and we’re here to help them navigate this transformative journey!