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Ways to Ease Holiday Stress

Holiday stress is tough for many people, but often for many different reasons. The festive season may be made even worse for people that suffer from higher levels of anxiety and stress on a daily basis.

According to WebMD:

Experts say that the holidays can make people feel out of control. We feel at the mercy of our relatives or pushed over by the sheer force of family tradition,

Often, people neglect talking with their doctor about their anxiety during the holiday season, because they think that it is normal to feel so anxious. While it may be common to feel a little anxiety at this time, anything excessive, like depression, should be talked about with a medical professional.

There is plenty that you can do now to help ease your future holiday stress. We have gathered and listed 6 of the best tips ease holiday stress:

1. Get plenty of rest and relaxation before the big event and after. Trying to do too much in a short amount of time can only cause more holiday stress.

2. Practice your listening skills before a big party and be prepared to have an exit strategy if a conversation ever gets uncomfortable. Feeling prepared will ease your worries significantly.

3. Try something new. If the things that cause you the most stress are traditions, such as hosting Christmas Eve dinner, don’t feel like it has to be that way every year. It is never too late to start a new tradition! Try passing dinner off to another family member to appease everyone.

4. The less we do, the more there is to enjoy. Often we go nuts trying to please everyone during the holiday season. Instead of trying to do everything perfectly, take care of yourself by saying “no” to a party or two.

5. Remember that it is okay to feel down during the holidays! Things like family pressure or financial strain can put a damper on your season. Don’t force yourself to be “on” all the time.

6. Take a night or two out of the busy season to spend a quiet night at home. Try watching a holiday movie with some hot coco or popcorn while cuddled on the couch. This will get you in the festive spirit without any of the stress.

Don’t let the “most wonderful time of the year” become something you fear. Use some of the tips above to help calm anxiety this holiday and keep in mind that the more you minimize your stress, the more you will enjoy your holiday!

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