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Tips to Stay Sane During During Social Distancing

Tips to Stay Sane During During Social Distancing

We all have many things on our minds as we think of those we love during the coronavirus pandemic. The following are some things you might take a moment to consider, as the stress of self-protection and isolation wears on you.

1. Be kind to strangers.

You – or someone you love – may have experienced a stress outburst. Someone that was more harsh than usual over something small. Everyone is worried about what is next, and trying to stay focused on the moment needs right now. Don’t take it personally, and show extra kindness, even instantly forgiving them. They probably wouldn’t mean it on a good day.

2. Be kind to the grocery cashiers.

Be kind and say thanks. Some grocery chains announced bonuses for its employees, but not all have. Your family’s food is made possible by these people putting themselves at risk, seeing hundreds of people a day. Sometimes they work more than a full days work on the front lines of this pandemic. All of them are essential to the supply chain, from the cashier, to the stocker, to the trucker. Thank them for what they do, and spread appreciation.

3. Think of those that lost their jobs.

Some people are still able to work from home, but others were let go as companies try to adjust and stay in business. If a place accepts tips, tip well – any way you can. Most service workers are not getting paid what they used to.

4. Be proactive and safe about your space and social interaction.

If you are alone, be proactive about connecting with others on the phone or with many of the video chat services. Some are having virtual coffee or lunch together this way. Don’t be afraid to simply turn on the video and go about your day – together. If you know people who are going through all this alone, check on them, especially if they are older. If you are under a stay-at-home order in close quarters, try and make sure everyone gets some alone time. Go for a walk, take a long bath, or sit by yourself and read.

5. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

This will not be a time forgotten. Know that in some point in our future, the world will return to normal. Think about that when you get down, humanity has had many struggles, but we always get through it. It may take weeks or months, but we will get through it!

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