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The Kids in Quarantine: Crying For Help And How To Get Through It

Parenting during a pandemic is hard. In these uncertain times, we are all figuring out some aspects of balancing working from home, childcare, and even home-schooling. Your kids might be having a challenging time, as well. They most likely can’t go and play with their friends and enjoy their daily social activities in order to keep everyone safe. Remember, this will not last forever.

Here are emotional well-being signs to keep an eye out for during the pandemic:

1. Irregular sleeping patterns
2. Over the top temper tantrums
3. Bad behavior and habits
4. Unusual difficulty concentrating
5. Changes in eating

We all are feeling a little bit of uncertainty right now and it could be difficult to make a decision when to seek professional help for your child. If stress and anxiety get in the way of your kid’s daily life – if they can’t participate or enjoy their regular pre-pandemic daily activities – or they simply feel overwhelmed, reach out to us for help.

Here are some basic tips to make quarantine a positive experience, in order to keep your kids safe inside, away from their friends, and motivated to do school work.

1. Keep consistent daily routines
2. Make schoolwork a morning priority
3. Simply get up and get moving
4. Fit in extra-curricular activities
5. Enjoy family time but make sure your kids have their own personal time and space
6. Arrange virtual play-dates with their friends

Even if your child doesn’t have an anxiety disorder, it might be helpful to talk to a professional about how to deal with emotions during these unprecedented times.

We are here and ready to help!

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