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Which Supermom Hero Are You?

Which Superhero Mum are you?

From Visually.

For all those times she came to your rescue, she is a proof that supermom hero does exist. Supermom may not wear a fancy cape or have her own movie. Just look around you, she definitely exists. Supermoms are some of the hardest-working people in the world. They juggle many roles and responsibilities often on top of their jobs. Think you can handle that? Think again.

It is not easy being a mother. If it were easy, fathers would do it.
~ The Golden Girls

What percent of all mothers work full time?
According to the United States Department of Labor, Parents The labor force participation rate–the percent of the population working or looking for work–for all women with children under age 18 was 69.9 % in 2015.

Working Moms Statistics:
72% of moms with children over 1 year old work (about the same as childless women) , vs. 39% in 1976 55% of moms with a child under 1 year old work, vs. 31% in 1976 Moms with a full-time job spend 13 hours working at the office or at home on family chores.

Cost of Raising a Child:
Middle-income families spend $242,070 to raise a kid to 18 (not incl. college!)

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