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Stressed, bowls of snack food

I am stressed, now where are the ice-cream and chips?

You are stressed out and it seems like you never have the time to eat healthy. Especially when your work begins to pile up and your personal life is booked. But what if we told you that there are some foods that you could eat right now to help lower your stress levels?

According to The American Institute of Stress:

What we consume can increase our energy levels and calm our mood


So to help you, we have listed 5 foods to look for when you are stressed through the roof:

Choose Healthy Carbs

Carbs cause a surge in serotonin levels in your body! When you have high serotonin levels, people have shown to have more concentration and lowered stress levels. So try having a small portion of pasta or a grilled cheese!

Eat a Fatty Fish

Some of our favorite fish entrees are full of good-for-you omega 3 fatty acids! Try eating tuna, salmon, herring and even sardines to help boost your cardiovascular and mental health!

Go Nuts

Nuts are full of vitamins and healthy fatty acids that significantly reduce stress. Next time you feel overloaded grab a handful of cashews or pistachios and turn your day around!

Destress with dark chocolate

Dark chocolate can help you calm down in two great ways. Any kind of chocolate begins to feel like such an indulgence that simply by tasting a small bit, you will feel happier and calmer. It will also help lower stress hormones because of all the antioxidants that dark chocolate contains.

Grab some greens

Try grabbing a spinach salad when you need a pick me up. Green veggies, like spinach, greens, and lettuce help the body produce dopamine, which is a pleasure hormone.

Time for tea

Sometimes the food doesn’t have to be full of stress fighting chemicals and fatty acids to help your stress levels. Often, drinking something soothing and comforting can be enough to lower your stress! Next time you feel overwhelmed, turn the hot water kettle on and sip a warm cup of chamomile or lavender tea.

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