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Social Distancing & Online Therapy

With more people spending time indoors and less physical connection to the external world, lack of social contact can have adverse effects on mental health. Especially when relationships with fun and exciting social groups get drastically limited due to circumstance. This can be a shock to the system.

Online therapy can be helpful to avoid a panic attack

Without social feedback, stress can sneak up on you and lead to a sudden episode of intense fear or anxiety – or panic attack. Humans are social creatures, and we function best when we believe we are in a safe social connection with others. This is where online therapy can help.

Psychotherapy through online therapy

Some studies have shown the majority prefer online therapy over traditional therapy, and many showed improvement after just a few weeks. A 2014 study published in Behaviour Research and Therapy found that online therapy was effective in treating anxiety disorders. It can be convenient and affordable, especially for those that live in remote areas.

You might also like that you can talk to someone outside your social group about your life concerns. Online therapy makes mental health information more available and immediate. Seeing a therapist online without having to leave your home may also be effective in eliminating any social fears associated with therapy. You might also feel that talking to someone through the computer adds a level of comfort if you have concerns about social bias with race, gender, age, or something else.

Online Therapy/Telehealth is something you should give a try given the rise of panic attacks. In times of intense distress, online therapy is helpful as it provides a vital avenue for emotional healing.

Some find online therapy more flexible in dealing with panic-type stress or short-term issues. Others liked it more than face-to-face therapy because it felt like it was happening more in real-time with their daily needs and life. Since everyone is going through a big transition that will change your daily life, having someone that you can talk with might be a big benefit for you. We are here and ready to help!

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