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Sex Therapy

Put simply, sex therapy is specialized psychotherapy that addresses any kind of sexual issue that people may face, and it can take a variety of forms. Many people and their partners will see a sex therapist to address relationship challenges. While most of these are couples, many clients wish to improve their nontraditional or polyamorous relationships.

Sex and relationship therapy go hand-in-hand, so a sex therapist will often address issues such as intimacy, communication, relationship enhancement, and infidelity. Relationship therapy is also the preferred approach (when possible) for people who struggle with sexual dysfunctions, such as erectile dysfunction or struggles with orgasm. Sex therapy is also useful in negotiating and rekindling a sexual life for people who experience painful sexual intercourse and for people who have become chronically ill or disabled.

A sex therapist can also work with individual clients. Individual therapy may address any issues related to struggles people have in understanding their sexual identities, including sexual orientations and gender identities. A sex therapist may also explore how clients’ sexual lives intersect with anxiety, depression, trauma, and other mental health challenges. A sex therapist may also address continuing challenges people have with emotional and sexual intimacy that prevent them from having the relationships they want.

Sex therapists also often worked with clients who have sexual interests that are outside of what is considered to be “normal.” These may include fetishes (i.e. sexual interest on a “typically” nonsexual object), role-playing (such as BDSM or other fantasy play), nontraditional or non-monogamous relationships, or other “kinky” interests. Because we live in a culture that shames people for these interests, it can be quite difficult for people to live full and content sexual lives when their sexual interests do not line up with cultural expectations. For many of these clients, it was useful to see a sex therapist to address their general mental health needs because they were less likely to be judged by their therapist for their interests.


As part of our mission to help you toward health and recovery, Choices Psychotherapy is one of few clinics in the Twin Cities offering sex therapy to our clients. Psychotherapy is talk-therapy and first seeks to help solve problems through conversation and change rather than through medical means.

Couples facing intimate challenges aren’t the only ones who can benefit from sex therapy: Individuals and couples already in healthy sexual relationships can also benefit from this treatment. Many clients have chosen to use sex therapy to make their good relationships better. The spectrum of what sex therapy can help resolve in a client’s sexual life is broad and can help with more than you may think. Sex therapy can address and help with any of these issues:

Improving intimacy issues

– These could include fear of intimacy, loss of intimacy and the inability to stay in relationships that could become exposed or fully known


Reducing or eliminating sexual pain


Repairing a struggling sex life


Improving a good existing sex life



– How to work beyond being in a current or past relationship that was unfaithful


Polyamorous relationships

– Being in love or sexually involved with more than one person


Alternative sexual expression

– Including fetishes, BDSM, etc.


Sexual identity

– How you think of yourself in terms of who you’re sexually attracted to


Sex positivity

– Having open and positive ideas of sex and sex-related acts, ideas, etc.


Sexual orientation

– Your sexual identity in terms of which gender you’re attracted to


Gender identity

– Your own experience with your own gender


Other fundamental issues

Choices Psychotherapy is purely a judgment-free zone. And while we understand that talking about sex or sexual issues isn’t comfortable for all of our clients, rest assured that our therapists are trained to make this as comfortable and as easy of a discussion as possible.


A healthy sex life doesn’t necessarily mean having frequent/good sex: Instead it can mean becoming comfortable or content with your own sex life within your relationships. This is a courageous step toward learning to understand your and your partner’s needs in a sexual relationship.


Concerns about sex and intimacy can often be linked to underlying issues like stress, anxiety, depression or even illness, medication and aging. Gaining confidence in talking about sex can uncover and help to alleviate strains you might not have known existed either with yourself or your partner.


Since the addition of a sex therapist in 2013, Choices Psychotherapy has been able to expand our services and our ability to help current and potential clients from the Twin Cities. As with all of our services and therapies, our sole focus is to help the client. The more ways we’re able to do that, the better.


If sex therapy seems like a fit for you or your partner, we’re more than willing to help you get started. A journey toward sex positivity, open discussion and healthier, happier sex lives is a journey worth taking, and we’ll help you along the way.

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