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Psychiatry is the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders. It stands apart in the mental health field as being the strain of aid that can prescribe clients medications to assist in their treatment. Choices Psychotherapy’s psychiatrists, however, is different from the majority of psychiatrists in today’s’ medication-driven way of treatment.


Instead of diagnosing and treating a client in 15-minute appointments, Choices commits to knowing a patient instead of simply writing a prescription and sending clients away. Upon coming to Choices, the initial appointment can be anywhere from an hour to longer.

Our Psychiatrists take the time to understand you, the client, and hear your entire story. In collaboration with you the client, the appropriate steps for intervention are taken from there. With a deeper understanding of who a clent is and where they need help is key to providing a sound diagnosis and effective treatment.


We call our approach therapy-informed psychiatry. Psychiatric treatment is informed by talk therapy — we value the relationships we have with our clients and work toward healing them fully instead of covering up problems with quick prescriptions. Our biggest goal is to heal clients with our comprehensive services and extensive training and experience. Choices Psychotherapy wholly aims to empower clients and is committed to helping them toward a life full of health and recovery.

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Our logo, the Japanese symbol for choice, represents our respect and appreciation of all individuals and cultures.