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Acceptance & Commitment Therapy for Anxiety and Depression with Adapted DBT

Be present, open up and do what matters.

Learn to effectively address thoughts, feelings, and behaviors while minimizing reactivity.

The program integrates the evidence-based practices of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is a behavioral therapy that has proven to work with a wide range of clients who present with emotional and behavioral difficulties. While the goal of the program is not symptom reduction, this is a benefit.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is a behavioral therapy focusing on skills that assist in reduction of emotional dysregulation and an increase in effective behaviors.

Integrating both therapeutic approaches allows one to learn to effectively address thoughts, feelings, and behaviors while minimizing reactivity and avoidance.

Diagram of Psychological Flexibility by Choices Psychotherapy, featuring a central orange circle surrounded by terms: Contact with the Present Moment, Values, Committed Action, Self-As-Context, Cognitive Defusion, and Acceptance. This visual aids in understanding and enhancing mental health services.

Rediscover your health and well-being.


  • Greater resilience to pain and suffering
  • Gain tools and strategies to help manage struggle, difficult thoughts and behaviors
  • Increased awareness of internal experiences, including thoughts, feelings, urges and body sensations
  • Identification and clarification of values
  • The ability to live within chosen values, helping to create a fulfilling and meaningful life
  • A shift from fear and greater movement towards action orientated experiences
  • Participants will learn all ACT and DBT concepts to integrate into daily living
A person wearing glasses and a light blue shirt stands with arms crossed, smiling. Next to them, a list reads: "1. Be there now 2. Know what matters 3. Do what it takes 4. Pure awareness 5. Watch your thinking 6. Open up." They stand in front of a sign for Choices Psychotherapy, emphasizing mental health services.

Make positive changes.

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy for Anxiety and Depression with Adapted DBT Program Info:

The weekly outpatient program is a short-term program designed specifically for adults who are experiencing emotional difficulties impacting their well-being and/or psychosocial functioning.

The outpatient program offers weekly enrollment of new members. The weekly outpatient program will be offered online through Zoom.

  • 16-18 weeks in duration
  • 1 group session/week
  • 2 hour group session
  • 10 group members maximum
  • Co-ed

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