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Public Opinion Shifts On Same-Sex Marriage, However There Is Still Work To Be Done

June is Pride month and one of the top debates has always centered on same-sex marriage. It is easy to feel like life is amiss these days with politicians at each other’s throats and everyday people, seemingly at odds with each other and unwilling to budge in their views. However, there is good news if you look closely enough. At this point in our history, more Americans support same-sex marriage than ever before. That alone is something to cheer about.

In the Gallup’s yearly Values and Morals poll we learn that:

67% of Americans who were surveyed believe that same-sex marriage should be legally valid. While we may want to see that number higher, keep in mind that number is up 40 percent from 1996 and continues to climb. People who do not support same-sex marriage are becoming the minority and that’s a good thing, not only for LGBTQ people but for our society as a whole, is becoming more open-minded.

When it comes to same-sex marriage, we still have a ways to go. 

Despite the right to marry, just 10% of gay and lesbians in America are married to their partner, much lower than the 50% of Americans overall. This plus the constant obstacles imposed by politicians attempting to erode or water down same-sex marriage to a lesser form than opposite-sex marriage means that there is still work to be done.

What can you do to help? Along with giving your judgment-free support, help to create safe spaces for LGBTQ community members and of course, vote. We have the power to make the next wave of change for LGBTQ rights and it starts with us. To get involved with pride events this year, check out the Human Rights Campaign.

Are you a member of the LGBTQ community and need some help? Being part of a stigmatized community can cause unique stressors. Therapy provides a safe environment for clients to work through the impact these issues have on them and their loved ones. We are here when you need us.

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