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Rosmarie Dauth, LGSW, LADC

About Rosmarie Dauth

When you meet with me, you can expect unconditional positive regard, with empathy and candor. We will look at the challenges that brought you to the session, from various angles. Together, we will explore your strengths, as well as new tools, skills, and mindsets, to meet those challenges and transform them. We are the experts of our own lives, and we flourish and heal within wholesome relationships, including the therapeutic relationship. That is how we have evolved as humans. I will accompany you into the difficult places, so that you do not have to walk them alone, until we have turned on the light.


Using a person-centered, strength-based, anti-oppressive approach, I draw upon my wellspring of empathy and active listening, along with eclectic theoretical and practice methods to support my clients in achieving their goals. The choice of methods is guided by my clients’ preferences, presenting challenges, and goals. This may mean seeking a deeper understanding of the roots of your challenges, and increasing joy and relieving suffering, by understanding your psychodynamic origins, and how you have developed as a person in your environment. Old narratives might be revisited, and transformed, to better serve in your current life. If you come to therapy with a strong present-oriented outlook, I draw upon suitable frameworks that allow me to provide solution-focused, interpersonal, motivational, and behavioral care, to work on concrete targets in the present. I work with adult clients of all ages, abilities, and cultural backgrounds, including LGBTQIA, military status, race, and nationality, in various stages of achieving mental wellness goals. I enjoy accompanying my clients as they reach their full potential and thrive in a life that is authentic to them.


I have experience working with individuals, couples, families, and groups in various outpatient and other client settings. I have experience in supporting adults and families with mental illness, sometimes co-occurring with chemical dependency, and severe persistent mental illness, across diverse cultural and social intersections. Many of my clients have a history of trauma, including emotional neglect, and various forms of abuse during childhood. Some of my clients seek support dealing with acute grief, or with adjusting to new situations that are challenging their equilibrium.

Know that you deserve support, to relieve suffering and live a joyful life.

Everyone needs a direction, once in a while.


MSW/LADC in Multi-cultural Clinical Practice/LADC 2022
Augsburg University, Minneapolis


Anxiety Disorder
Attachment Issues
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Bipolar Disorder
Blended/Stepfamily Issues
Borderline Personality Disorder
Divorce Recovery
Domestic Violence
Gender Transition
Grief Management
High Risk Behaviors
Identity & Body Image
Life Transitions
Men’s Issues
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Post-Partum Depression
Relationship Issues
Seasonal Affective Disorder
Senior Issues
Serious And Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI)
Sexual Abuse
Sexual Dysfunction
Sexual Orientation Issues (Gay/Lesbian)
Sexually Diverse Clients (Kink/BDSM/Polyamory)
Sleep Issues
Stress Management
Substance Abuse
Traumatic Loss
Women’s Issues




Minnetonka, MN


Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Couples Counseling
Family Therapy
Interpersonal Therapy
Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy
Motivational Interviewing
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Solution-Focused Therapy
Supportive Psychotherapy

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