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Online Therapy As A First Step In Treatment

The popularity of online therapy is growing, and many people find it helpful with issues of stress, anxiety, and relationship issues. It provides a safe space for emotional healing, with professional feedback, insights, and guidance. It is also vital to the section of the population that is unable to see a therapist face-to-face, due to various circumstances like disability, remote living or order of social distancing. For some, it is more appealing to be able to sit at a computer and talk with someone.

Psychotherapy through online therapy

Online therapy has been around in various formats for over 20 years, used frequently by deployed or active-duty members of the military. Formats included phone, webcam, email, or text message, but the popularity and commonplace use of smartphone users has created new opportunities and made online therapy more accessible and affordable.

It can also be a really easy first step in treatment for someone who needs more intensive therapy. A study at the Stanford University School of Medicine in 2010-2011 found that college students who needed more care for eating disorders were more likely to seek it out after participating in a program that worked with a coach online. The flexibility of practicing telehealth fits well into the daily life of many people. The flexibility also allows providers to meet their clients’ needs. An online therapist is dedicated to being there for their patients, regardless of commutes or difficulties in face-to-face meetings.

People who have an online therapist ultimately feel safe. The advantage of using online therapy is some may feel motivated to get to the heart of their issue faster, resulting in rapid healing for and a more fitting form of therapy. Think about giving online therapy a try today, as you might find it, is also an easy first step in treatment for you.

Some find online therapy more flexible in dealing with panic-type stress or short-term issues. Others liked it more than face-to-face therapy because it felt like it was happening more in real-time with their daily needs and life. Since everyone is going through a big transition that will change your daily life, having someone that you can talk with might be a big benefit for you. We are here and ready to help!

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