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Minneapolis Area Psychotherapy Clinic to Welcome Psychiatrist to Professional Staff

Dr. Cynthia Belt graduated from Mayo Medical School, one of the most selective medical schools in the U.S. She completed a combined residency in family practice and psychiatry at the University of Minnesota, followed by a fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry also at the University of Minnesota.


She is a perceptive psychiatrist who works well with clients of all ages, orientations and backgrounds with mutual respect. Her style is collaborative, taking into account your preferences for modalities of intervention, and how aggressively you want to use medications – or if you want medication at all. You know she’s a trusted psychiatrist, as she counts many physicians among her clients.


Dr. Belt sees you as a whole person, conducting assessments and interventions through use of a bio-psycho-social model. She integrates therapy with expert medication management, while encouraging other wellness approaches as well.


She is well-versed in mood disorders such as depression and bipolar; anxiety disorders such as OCD, social anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder; ADHD and other attention problems; pregnancy and postpartum care; sports medicine; autism and developmental disorders; attachment issues; grief, relationship issues, domestic violence and health-related problems; and finally, balancing work and home stress.