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Mental Illness Stigma, Woman and man at odds

Mental Illness Shaming and Its Reach

Mental illness stigma has long been an issue, with patients being viewed as weak or lazy. In some ways, society as a whole now has a better sensitivity to this type of illness but there are still lingering issues. Many healthcare professionals for instance, still have a long way to go in understanding mental illness as a true disease.

As Maggie Bennington-Davis, MD, MMM, Chief Medical Officer of Health Share of Oregon explains…

Today, we are seeing a cycle of ignorance where providers may not ask their patients about their mental health, for a variety of reasons: they might be afraid of encountering an issue they aren’t equipped to handle, or simply don’t feel comfortable asking … as a result, patients’ bodies and minds are treated as separate entities.

Not only are there issues in the healthcare industry but also in the justice system. “People suffering from serious mental illness are at a ten-times higher risk of being incarcerated versus being committed to a psychiatric hospital,” according to the founder of the Greenburger Center for Social and Criminal Justice, Francis Greenburger.

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