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Are You Living Your Core Values?

Today more than ever it can be difficult to see past the sparkling facade you see online depicting the idyllic lives of your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. It’s easy to think “This isn’t our family’s experience, what’s wrong with us?” but what you don’t see behind that appearance is the three arguments it took to get that amazing social media picture. In the end, it’s not really about that anyway. We need to stop looking to others to show us what is important in our own lives and make those determinations ourselves. When was the last time you analyzed what’s is important to you and defined your core values (Note: not what you think should be important to you, but what actually is)?

Choices Psychotherapy’s own Rachel Moran looks at this in depth and helps clients define their core values and live them… read more here.

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About Choices Psychotherapy

Choice is the foundation for a change. Choice speaks to the reality that there is not one right answer for all.  At Choices Psychotherapy, we are committed to empowering clients and their families to identify options while assisting in creating a personal roadmap toward health and recovery.

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