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Lies About Diets – You Deserve To Know the Truth, hand with measuring tape

Lies About Diets – You Deserve To Know the Truth

Have you ever asked yourself, why does the diet industry make billions every year? Why is there such a huge, continuous market for dieting in nearly every established country around the globe? Why are there new diet trends every day?

There is one plain and simple answer to all of these questions. Because the diet industry makes money when you feel bad about yourself.

According to CNBC and LiveStrong:

Weight loss is a $55 billion-a-year industry globally. Players in the industry include weight loss franchises, food companies, pharmaceutical firms, the diet book industry and dietary supplement suppliers

In order to help you burst out of the diet industry’s hold, here are a few reasons that diets are a lie:

“The smaller you are, the happier you will be!”

Sorry to break it to you, but no number on your scale can automatically make you a happy person.

“Diets are good for you!”

Focusing on numbers and fat-free, carb-free, sugar-free foods can lead you to eat too much of the wrong thing. Your body has a way of regulating itself, and dieting throws that balance off.

“Dieting is always effective!”

Most dieters that shed weight will put it all back on, plus some! Rarely is weight loss permanent.

“This diet always works!”

Most people that diet end up falling off the bandwagon at some point, and most often before they reach their ‘goal’. Rarely, people, who diet stay in the shape that they aimed for.

“Dieting is easy!”

While anyone can physically lose weight if they try hard enough, that doesn’t mean that everyone should. Most times people try too hard to shed the pounds and end up gaining more.

“Diets help you live your best life!”

This is simply untrue. Diets can cause you to live in the future, always pushing for the one day that you reach an unattainable number on the scale.

“Dieting is harmless!”

Dieting most often leads people to focus and fixate on their weight and body more than they should. Most American women try upwards of 4 diets every year. This leads to us pushing ourselves to the limit just to reach a certain weight, a certain size, a certain body mass index. Dieting is far from harmless.

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