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Earth Day, hands holding up heart-shaped earth

Earth Day and Mental Health

Happy Earth Day! April 22 is Earth Day, a worldwide holiday where people ban to together to support environmental protection and pledge to better co-exist with nature. It is time to show our gratitude towards Mother Earth.

Here are the latest studies highlighting the benefits of Mother Earth:

In 2016, that the American Psychiatric Association noted:

One area of substantial research is the benefit of natural environments or green spaces which can provide a calming atmosphere, evoke positive emotions and facilitate learning and alertness. Experiencing nature helps people recover from the mental fatigue of work. Some research has found that activity in natural outdoor settings can help reduce the symptoms of ADHD in children.

Researchers from the University of Waterloo concluded in a study that people have a positive response to green spaces. They found that in very dense urban areas, even a small space for respite from noise and crowds such as a quiet churchyard could provide psychological benefit.

University of Melbourne researchers found that interrupting an attention-demanding task with a digital image of nature for just 40 seconds improved both focus and subsequent performance on the task. And if digital images can have that effect, imagine what a house plant or quick stroll around the nearest park could do!

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