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COVID-19 and your sanity

If you are like us, you see a daily wave of reminders about the coronavirus pandemic, all of them stressful. The stock market is going down, confirmed cases of COVID-19 keep going up, and shortages of testing leave the situation unclear. Email inboxes have been flooded by communications from companies detailing their responses.

We all wonder how long it’s going to last, how many jobs will be lost, and if we will have enough food as panicked shoppers empty grocery store shelves. We don’t know what our future looks like. It is hard to comfortably share these concerns with friends since all schools, restaurants, bars, gyms, movie theaters and other businesses closed across the country to prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

If you and your family have been directly affected by the pandemic, you might not even notice the feelings of paralysis, loneliness, and fear. You might be too busy trying to keep up with the day, making sure you and your children have food. This kind of stress from the Coronavirus is new, and increases with every worry: fear for our loved ones, stress about making ends meet, the pressure of work and caring for children – now that they are at home. You may be looking for someone to talk to and share these fearful thoughts and feelings. You might be desperate for some time for yourself to get perspective on how to deal with it all. This is when asking for help is needed the most.

Psychotherapy through online therapy

Online Sessions/Telehealth may feel new, expect some adjustments the first few sessions. These might be as simple as finding the best place in your house for connectivity, to difficulty finding that “mental space” in your day where all boundaries between work and home have blended. Repeating a personal routine may help to silence the daily noise, like turning off your phone and all other distractions. Maybe moving yourself to somewhere else than your work-at-home desk, and taking a break beforehand to make a cup of tea or coffee first. You might want to take a few moments afterward to journal your thoughts.

Change is difficult for all of us, and in this time, changing the way you meet with your therapist is no exception. But you might find it is needed now more than ever, and you should try it before you decide what is best for you. A Telehealth session with a therapist or psychiatrist might be able to help get you back on track, and ease your stress. You might even like the convenience and in-home access even better!

Some find online therapy more flexible in dealing with panic-type stress or short-term issues. Others liked it more than face-to-face therapy because it felt like it was happening more in real-time with their daily needs and life. Since everyone is going through a big transition that will change your daily life, having someone that you can talk with might be a big benefit for you. We are here and ready to help!

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About Choices Psychotherapy

Choice is the foundation for a change. Choice speaks to the reality that there is not one right answer for all.  At Choices Psychotherapy, we are committed to empowering clients and their families to identify options while assisting in creating a personal roadmap toward health and recovery.

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