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Couples Therapy: 5 Reasons It Can Help Your Relationship

You don’t know how to drive a car without driving lessons, you can’t start baking if you don’t have a recipe, and you’ll always be more motivated at the gym when you have a trainer. So what does that have to say about couples therapy?

Counseling of any kind often comes with a negative implication. Couples therapy/counseling isn’t something that anyone should be ashamed of.

In fact, statistics from Guide Doc show that:

When couples get help from Emotionally Focused Therapy, 90 percent of them report significant improvements in their relationship. Similar to needing a trainer at the gym or a driving instructor, sometimes we need someone to show us how to make a relationship work.

No matter where you and your significant other are in your relationship, couples therapy can be a huge help.

If you aren’t sure if you need to go to couples therapy, take a look at our list below. We have compiled a list of the top 5 times a relationship needs a little help.Why not try couples therapy in Chanhassen?

Your backgrounds are drastically different

While most people would say that multicultural relationships quickly become the norm, not everyone sees it that way. Sometimes multicultural relationships struggle due to lack of family or community support. Seeing a therapist to help a couple work through these complications can lead to a happy, healthy relationship.

One of you cheated

Most often, when someone hasn’t been faithful, most relationships end in separation. Sometimes couples can work past infidelity and bring their relationship back. This often won’t happen on your own. Between all of the guilt and anger, sadness and lack of trust, time in couples therapy can work wonders to bring back the confidence and happiness in a once deteriorated relationship.

Money Problems

It can be enough to manage your own bank accounts, but when you add in someone else’s financial problems, it can be a recipe for disaster. No matter if you and your partner regularly fight over how much you spend, how to split the bills or how much you should be saving, couples therapy can help you both work through your problems.

Intimacy is different

Believe it or not, many couples still are at a place where they are uncomfortable when they discuss sex. Wheather there doesn’t seem to be ‘time’ anymore, if the spark has died, or you both aren’t satisfied, couples therapy can help you both work through your intimacy issues in a way that works for you as a pair.

You’ve reached a new level

While moving in together, merging bank accounts, or getting engaged sound like great things, they also mark times when you should visit couples therapy. .hese milestones are reasons to celebrate your commitment to each other. It is also a time where things will need some adjusting. Seeing a couples therapist will be able to help you be able to communicate and understand each other differently.

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