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Choices Psychotherapy congratulates Ben Snyder, PhD, LICSW

Choices Psychotherapy would like to congratulate Ben Snyder, PhD, LICSW, on the completion of his PhD in Human Sexuality Studies from Widener University. This is his third advanced degree, and he is a sex therapist certified by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT).


Dr. Snyder has been with Choices Psychotherapy for nearly two years and has significantly contributed to the culture of openness and acceptance of people’s diverse sexual lives within the clinic.  He often provides on-site consultation for colleagues addressing a variety of clinical issues related to sexuality.  He has also designed curricula within our intensive outpatient program so that it includes topics relevant to sexual dynamics of clients’ lives.


Dr. Snyder obtained an MEd and a PhD from Widener University, the oldest accredited program in North America that provides graduate degrees in human sexuality.  The program maintains a well-established world-wide reputation for training sexologists. Instructors in this program are academic leaders in the sexology field and provide cutting edge training for students.


One of the hallmarks of the Widener program is in its affective training of students.  AASECT certification in sexuality education and therapy requires experiential training to address feelings and attitudes of trainees on a variety of sexual topics.  The Widener program places a great deal of emphasis on this, and has some component of this affective training in every class.  It even designed an intensive course on sensitive issues in sexuality, which is somewhat notorious among students for how personally challenging it can be.


For his final dissertation work, Dr. Snyder collaborated with the community of Minnesota Lutheran clergy to build awareness into how some of these faith communities promote healthy and positive sexual attitudes in the Twin Cities.  He continues to engage with these communities to build awareness and positive discourses in human sexuality.


As a practitioner, Dr. Snyder has a vast knowledge of human sexuality that is represented by 2 advanced degrees in sexology. He is highly skilled in providing a safe holding environment to address sensitive sexual issues with individuals and groups.  Dr. Snyder also has 6 years of experience working with Autism spectrum disorders, having served in a clinic that specialized in this population.  Thus, Dr. Snyder has unique insight into the specific sexual needs and challenges of clients with Autism.  Dr. Snyder has also been pioneering an approach that applies Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to couples and sex therapy to help couples build resiliency with relationship challenges and sexual dysfunctions.


Dr. Snyder clinically addresses these general issues:

  • Relationship Enhancement
  • Sex therapy for Individuals, Couples and Poly-Systems
  • Family Systems Therapy
  • Mental Illness & Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Professional Sexuality Education & Consultation
  • Intimacy Concerns
  • Sexual Dysfunctions
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Concerns
  • Sexual Pain Disorders
  • Sexuality and Disabilities
  • Sexual Trauma
  • Alternative Sexual Experiences
  • Polyamorous Relationships, alternative sexualities, and BDSM


Dr. Snyder practices with older teens, adults, couples, and families.  For the safety of clients at our clinic, he does not work with sex offenders or with people who struggle with attraction to minors.