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3 Easy Tips to Help You Prevent Mom Burnout

Let’s face it – at some point, mom burnout is going to happen to the best of us. It starts with those never ending dirty diapers and carries over through endless school plays and long soccer practices. It can be so easy to full into a rut when you have kids at home.

There will always be inevitable times of frustration and fatigue, but there is more that you can do to avoid the dreaded mom burnout.

To help moms everywhere, we compiled a list of tips to prevent mom burnout below:

1. Breaks
Every mother is more relaxed and less stressed when they step back from their daily errands and chores, even just for a few minutes. Make sure to take time out of every day to do something you love. Think about going for a walk at the park, catching up with that book you never finished, or even take a little cat nap. If it helps, write your downtime into you planner or calendar so you won’t forget or feel guilty.
2. Preparation
It is always chaotic when things happen at the last minute. Things like sending your kid to school without lunch money or running late to a dentist appointment can cause you undue stress. Try to plan ahead by making a daily to-do list and keeping important dates written on a calendar or a personal planner. Sometimes life throws you curve balls, but it is always worthwhile to plan ahead.
3. Pampering
The single most important thing that a mother can do is take care of herself! Sometimes it can feel like you give all of your energy to your family, to the point where you don’t have any drive left to focus on yourself. Remember, that if you skip out on caring for your mental and physical wellbeing, you are on the fast track to mommy burnout.

It is okay to have moments where you want to spread out your energy to everyone in your family, but make sure you are doing something every day to help make your life a little easier, too.

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